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Feeding Calculator

To calculate the approximate feeding amount for your pet, reference the feeding percentage table in the right column to determine your pet's appropriate feeding percentage. You can then enter that into the Primal Feeding Calculator, along with your pet's weight, to estimate how much to feed per meal, per day and per week. This calculator is intended to help calculate our complete and balanced formulas (Frozen, Freeze-Dried, and Pronto). It will also help calculate up to 30% optional supplemental feeding of raw meaty bones, grinds or mixes for experienced raw feeders.

Keep in mind that our feeding calculator is an estimate. Factors such as level of activity, age, health, metabolism and breed play a part in the necessary feeding quantities of all animals. Please be sure to monitor your pet's dietary needs and adjust the feeding quantities accordingly.

Raw Frozen Formulas
As a result of the increased digestibility of a raw-food diet, you are able to feed your pet less food daily. Our suggestion is to feed your pet based on the 2-3% rule. Feed 2-3% of your pet's body weight daily. We recommend feeding your pet twice daily, so you should divide the total daily feeding weight in half and feed once in the morning and once in the evening. Reference Nuggets or Patties in feeding calculator below for Raw Frozen Formula feeding estimate. Primal Raw Frozen Formula is a complete and balanced diet.

Pronto Formulas
Feeding Primal Pronto complete formulas is easy. Just scoop and serve. Pronto will thaw within minutes. 1 cup by volume equals approximately 4 ounces net weight. Reference Pronto Cups in feeding calculator below for Pronto Formula feeding estimate. You can use standard kitchen measuring cups to measure your pet's meal. Primal Pronto Formula is a complete and balanced diet.

Freeze-Dried Formulas
Because of the importance of moisture in a raw diet, we recommend rehydrating Freeze-Dried Formula for optimum nutrition absorption. To rehydrate, add 1 tablespoon of water for every nugget or 1/4 cup of water for 4 nuggets. For best rehydrating results, break nugget into small pieces and mix thoroughly with water to force moisture into product. Reference Nuggets in feeding calculator below for Freeze-Dried Formula feeding estimate. Note: Feeding percentages based on rehydration weight of product. Primal Freeze-Dried Formula is a complete and balanced diet.

Primal Feeding Calculator
1. Do you want to calculate for a dog or cat?
2. Enter your pet’s current weight in pounds: Pounds
3. Enter feeding percentage:
4. Choose a Formula:
5. Enter percentage of bones,
    grinds or mixes (optional):
6. Press Calculate to find out how much to feed and order.
Based on your selections, we recommend calories per day.
Primal Formula     Pronto  
Daily Feeding Quantities Nuggets Patties Cups Pounds
Amount of selected formula to feed per day:
Amount to feed per meal, twice daily:
Amount of raw meaty bones, grinds or mixes to feed per day: Pounds
Weekly Feeding Quantities
Amount of selected formula needed per week: Pounds
Amount of raw meaty bones, grinds or mixes needed per week: Pounds


Feeding Percentages
1.5% Weight Loss
2.0% Non-Active
2.5% Maintain Weight **
3.0% Slight Weight Gain
3.5% Significant Weight Gain
4.0% Kittens/Puppies (8 weeks-1 year)
4.5-8.0% Kittens/Puppies (4-8 weeks)
4.0-8.0% Pregnant/Lactating

Calorie Variance
Our Feeding calculator will take into account the differences in calories between formulas. Simply select the formula that you wish to feed and the calculator will give you an estimated feeding amount based on the calories in that formula. To get an average on what to feed, select "Show me an average" from the dropdown menu.

Weigh Frequently
As your pet grows, weigh your pet frequently so the feeding calculator will generate an accurate feeding amount based on your pet's current weight.

*Puppies and Kittens
For puppies and kittens age 4 to 8 weeks, we recommend a feeding percentage of 6% to start. Adjust the feeding percentage up or down as necessary according to their growth.

For puppies and kittens age 8 weeks to 1 year, we recommend a feeding percentage of 4% to start. Adjust the feeding percentage up or down as necessary according to their growth.


Raw Meaty Bones
Raw meaty bones can be fed up to 30% of your pet's daily ration. If you choose to supplement your animal's diet with raw meaty bones, use Primal's Feeding Calculator to see how much to feed and buy. Raw meaty bones can be completely consumed. Always monitor your pet when feeding any bone.

Mixes and Grinds
While most raw feeders prefer the convenience and ease of use of our flagship formula lines, there are many reasons to use our supplemental feeding products of mixes and grinds - to customize your pet's diet, to avoid specific ingredients, owners enjoy the process of creating a meal for their pets, etc. These supplemental feeding products give you the base tools to start creating your pet's custom diet. Our mixes and grinds lines are more suited for experienced raw feeders. However, you can feed up to 30% of your pet's diet unsupplemented with either of these products (example 70% formula + 30% mixes or 30% grinds)