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Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Primal Pet Foods. Are you a fan of Primal Pet Foods? Do you have a Primal success story? Just fill out our online testimonial form and tell us your story. We'd love to hear all about it.

My 8 year old puppy was diagnosed with nasal cancer about 5 months ago. He would have nose bleeds occasionally, which have increased significantly over time. When he started having extreme difficulty breathing through his nose, and completely lost his appetite, I researched treatments outside of chemotherapy and radiation. The doc had given him some meds to keep him calm, but it was heartbreaking to see him sedated and loopy; not his normal cheery self. I was recommended to try Primal Raw foods from a few pet owners who swore by it. So, I bought puppy the Turkey Sardine formula (I hear the omega's in sardines are great for dogs, and they love the fishy smell) and it was simply a MIRACLE!!!! Puppy's nose has not bled since his diet was switched almost a month ago (he was previously on high quality grain free kibble), he shows no difficulties breathing, and his appetite has completely returned! He is back to his puppy self, running around happily with absolutely no symptoms of the cancer! I could not believe the difference I saw IMMEDIATELY after switching his food! I am now a firm believer in the health benefits of raw food, and particularly PRIMAL! It has, without a doubt, extended the life of my little angel and increased his happy days!!

Posted by Janis of Milpitas, CA

I have been feeding my Chihuahua & Maine Coon mix Primal for 5 weeks. The dog loves it, and he gets lamb. The cat is taking longer to get used to her new food. She is on 3/4 rabbit & quail with1/4 of the grain free dry cat food she has been on for 2 1/2 yrs. I switched over from a grain free dry & wet food. My dog was becoming fussy and not eating his food, while the cat was eating her food, but her feces was getting very soft, and sticking to her fur. So, when I went to the pet shop, I was going to get their food, when I overheard the owner on the phone talking about the food that he feeds his dogs; that it's great, and how much they love it. So I said to him, "Is Primal better then what I'm feeding my pets?" "Well," he said, "you give very good food but Primal is great." So, the pet shop gave me a sample pack of frozen nuggets for dogs to try. The dog loves his food so much! The cat has taken longer to switch 100% to raw, but both of them have very small feces, and it doesn't smell! Both of them had soft silky fur, and now it's even better . Try it, because your pets will love it!

Posted by Kyra of Brooklyn, NY

I am the mother of a 2 year old yorkie poo named Moses. Previously, we had a chocolate lab for 12 years. I was used to a dog that would eat any and everything. Then along came Moses, and he was the most finicky animal ever! I went through about 6 brands of food, and this baby would not eat! Then, a member of Yorkie Talk told me about Primal Raw. He loves this food! He does a happy dance at each meal time and scarfs his food down! Thank you for your great product! Moses will always let me know when it's meal time, and he is a happy, healthy little guy!

Posted by Loie of Draper, UT

Just wanted to say WOW, what an amazing product. My dog looks and feels better, and health is amazing. Thanks to your food, I'm a customer for life. I love you guys. Keep up the amazing work! Thank you so much, Matt Koss. You are a true dog lover.

Posted by Rick of West haven, CT

Dear Primal, I have two Yorkie Chihuahua mixes (Emmy [pictured] is 2.5 and Oscar is 1.5) who have been on your food since they were young puppies. They wake me up every morning and whine until breakfast time! They are always excited to eat, and love the variety. I read the testimonials on this site before switching them over long ago. I was inspired by the stories, and I'm grateful that I made the decision to do it before any health problems came about. I've since persuaded my family back in Michigan to go raw as well. Thanks for your commitment to excellence for our furry friends! What's kibble again? :-)

Posted by Aja B. of Los Angeles, CA

I know your products are intended for cats and dogs, however ferret diets are identical to cat's. I have six ferrets on Primal, four of these six ferrets were in terrible condition when I rescued them. The difference in their fur and body muscle condition is pleasantly shocking! They went for thin and bony with dry brittle skunky smelling fur, to solid and energetic, with glossy luxurious fur like a fluffy mink! And no smell! Their veterinarian has been pleased by the condition and health, and is now transitioning her ferret to raw diet:-) Thank you for offering this product, so many pets will thank you as well!

Posted by Susan of Phenix, VA

My boarder collie, Lewis, has been eating Primal Raw since the day I picked him up. He loves it and has had no health issues in the 5 years he's been alive. Amazingly, he has never had fleas either. I don't use any flea products on him and wonder if it's the food. It must be. Thanks!

Posted by Mark of Fredericksburg, VA

My Shih-Poo Gizmo is 5 months old. She is a picky eater and sometime no eater. We tried several high end kibbles with only a few days success rate with her. I decided to go to visit a new store in the neighborhood and the owner was sooo helpful. He suggested Primal and we took them home and tried them. She absolutely loves it. Yes, she licks the bowl too! I just want you to know thank you for making healthy food for my baby!

Posted by Nick of Pittsburgh, PA

My dog Buddy was a rescue from the Humane Society. He was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia neglect from starvation and kennel cough. Later, he tore both acls. Buddy has endured 2 operations in his short 4 years of life. He did fine for a period of time and then started limping on his front leg. My immediate thought was 'oh no, not another surgery'. His limp was consistent for a few months and his exercise was extremely limited. The vet suggested Rimadyl. I wanted to try a more natural approach. I had already been giving Buddy Cosequin DS Glycoflex 3 krill oil eggshell membrane and Solid Gold Seameal.

After searching the Internet, I found an article about the benefits of raw dog food for arthritis. I found your trial size packs at a local pet store and decided to give them a try. My dog eagerly ate the samples along with his twice a day meals and one as a snack. Before my two trial packs were finished, I noticed a rather amazing thing! His limping decreased dramatically and he was not the same dog. His morning stiffness also disappeared. I started feeding him one complete meal using only the Primal Raw. He has stopped limping completely. I hold my breath and watch him now running through fields, swimming enthusiastically and being able to once again go on long walks.

To me this has been a miracle. My dog means everything to me! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Posted by Linda of Stow, OH

Primal Raw saved my rescue boy's life. I pulled Ra from a shelter 191 miles away to have him show up with severe dental disease and extremely thin -- so bad you can see his skull. He could not eat or drink and every time he attempted, he would scream in pain and give up. Less than 24 hours, we rushed him to the vet and had to do emergency dental. He has 5 teeth left, all in the front and on the bottom of his mouth.

For almost a solid month, I made tiny meatballs of Primal Raw Venison Formula and got him to eat and syringed water in his mouth. Today he can eat on his own and drink on his own. I really do believe this food saved him, and has made all three of my rescues look better than they ever have. Everything about their eyes and coat beam, and the muscle tone that they have from it is like no other food. We will never feed another brand of food but Primal to our iggies. <3 Thank you Primal for saving my Italian Greyhound's life.

Posted by Amanda of Orlando, FL

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