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Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Primal Pet Foods. Are you a fan of Primal Pet Foods? Do you have a Primal success story? Just fill out our online testimonial form and tell us your story. We'd love to hear all about it.

Ever since he was a puppy, my Lab mix Shadow has had problems with itching, excessive shedding, and smelly loose stools. He's now four years old and has always been fed a grain free diet with high quality kibble mixed with additive-free canned dog food (Taste of the Wild, EVO, Evanger's). In June 2013, he began itching so badly that he would rub the area behind his tail on the bottom rail of my pasture fence and cry. He didn't have fleas. He didn't have worms. And he didn't have food allergies. To stop the itching, my vet added enzymes to his diet and some kind of steroid, which didn't do much good. At some point it occurred to me that itching could be caused by intestinal problems, so, when our local feed store began carrying Primal frozen food, I decided to switch Shadow to a raw diet. The change was dramatic: Within a week, the itching stopped and, with brushing and a bath, the excessive shedding ended too. He's itch-free, has firm, odor-free stools, and a glossy coat. He thinks Primal foods, frozen and freeze dried, are the greatest thing since his ball. I've also discovered that my cats, especially my very picky cat Sama, loves Shadow's food. The feed store just got in Primal cat food and I'm going to buy a bag for the kitties.

Posted by Lucy Burr of Albion, CA

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a difference your raw foods have made in our pets. We have several special needs dogs and foster for a very small local rescue that specializes in special needs animals. Our dogs are all excessively white dogs with 'lethal white' (double merle) tendancies; blind deaf blind and deaf seizure prone allergy prone....etc. They are the most wonderful companions I have ever had (though I'm somewhat biased).

Lilly our blind/deaf/seizure prone/massively allergic to nearly everything is a 3 year old Shar Pei mix. Her vet is thrilled with how stable her weight has been and we all have been over the moon with the imporvment in her skin ears and digestive difficulties. She still gets excited and impatient every day for her meals =) Aspen is a 1 year old blind Catahoula who came to us profoundly under weight to the point of muscle wasting. No amount of dry food seemed to help him regain weight and muscle mass. It wasn't until I began supplementing his food with your freeze dried raw that he began to improve. The difference was nothing short of shocking and needless to say he is now on an exclusively raw diet. He has filled out bulked up and looks nothing short of glorious!

We have also used Primal's freeze dried raw to augment our foster dogs' diets to recondition them with wonderful results. Your foods clearly nourish them without a bunch of garbage and additives for them to react to. I have seen miracles worked with thoughtful feeding of our rescues and fosters who have been ill ailing allergy-affected and in poor shape. I have a ton of pictures of my amazing pups their big smiles and gorgeous coats if you would like to see a few. I love that all of your ingredients are suitable for human consumption and love knowing that I am giving my babies the best! Thank you!

Posted by Jenn Marvin of Columbus, OH

I am a huge fan of Primal Raw Feline Food. My perfect 11 year old cat plays like a kitten thanks to your wonderful product! When I first acquired Artemus in 2002, I fed him Raw Advantage (plus supplements) and then, after only a few years, I had to (due to new living arrangements and finances) start feeding him Wellness and Wysong dry cat food. Sadly, only one year off the raw foods he suffered a urinary track blockage and was rushed to the hospital. I had to give him an IV twice a day for weeks after! Pressured and worried about his kidneys and a relapse, I put him on the Science Diet food recommended by my vet. After becoming frustrated by the lack of nutritional value, and lackluster results, I ended up feeding him the best human grade organic canned cat food I could get my hands on. I then remembered how well he did on raw food, and searched everywhere to find it again. By now Primal was available at Walkers Healthy pet. I was immediately impressed with the nutritional value; all the supplements I used to add to Raw Advantage were already in the food! Best of all, Arti loves it! Overnight he became a brand new cat. His coat turned deep black and shiny, he played and ran around like a kitten, his urine and stools had almost no odor. I currently feed him a rotation of 4 different (flavors) of the raw frozen foods and although I could type for hours about how much I love what this food does for my cat, I think my vet said it best. After recently deciding to take Artemus in for a teeth cleaning (his first), they were shocked at how perfect and white his teeth were. They asked me if there was a typo on his age (11) and if I brushed his teeth regularly. I, of course proudly, stated I feed him only Primal Raw pet food, nothing else.

Posted by Sandi Essley of Anacortes, WA

Nico was rescued at 4 weeks old from Gaston County shelter. He was surrendered without his mom and very sick. The shelter couldn't afford to both bottle feed and medicate the litter, so all of them were going to be euthanized. Luckily, they were all taken into foster care. Needless to say, after being bottle fed and on antibiotics for two weeks, Nico was in poor health when I adopted him. My four dogs are all on Primal raw, and it was my first choice for my new kitten as well. He scarfs down his food as soon as I put it down (he just loves it)! The difference is amazing. His coat is so shiny and soft, his eyes are bright and no longer crusty, and he has so much energy. I wish I could put a before and after picture! He has put on the ideal amount of weight, and the feeding instructions were accurate and helpful. Nico will definitely be eating Primal his whole life!

Posted by Abigail of Charlotte, NC

My little Maltese poodle has had serious dental problems over the years. His upper and lower front teeth have been pulled. It was impossible to clean his teeth. He hated it, and he would bite and squirm whenever I made an attempt. His breath was awful, and the tartar would come back quickly after spending a small fortune to have the vet anesthetize him and clean his teeth several times. After switching to Primal raw foods, his teeth are white and his breath is fine. My dog loves his food!

Posted by Lois B. of Broadview Hts., OH

This an up date to my first testimonial . My cat Rosie is now on the freeze dried chicken & salmon. She doesn't like her food cold, so I bought the freeze dried, and she loves it. J.J., my chihuahua, loves your food too. J. J. dances around waiting to be fed. Thanks, Primal!

Posted by Kyra of Brooklyn, NY

I finally found something that my Rottweiller won't turn his nose up to, and will actually eat. I have to say, the nuggets have been a godsend! Thanks, Primal.

Posted by Anita of Boston, MA

My husband and I started to use Primal about 2 years ago (maybe even 3 now) and we wouldn't have known about it if it weren't for Lori (she also posted her own testimonial on here). We have a Pomeranian who, at the time, was very overweight. She has issues with collapsing trachea, luxating platellas, and stained marks under her eyes from them constantly watering. Being overweight just made these issues even worse. Lori told me about her success with Primal so we decided to give it a try. Once we gave her (and our other Pom) Primal, they instantly loved it! They even have a barking routine in the kitchen every day waiting for breakfast and dinner! After a short while, we took her back to the vet, and she was in the perfect weight range! Because of her lower weight, she hasn't had any issues with her platellas, and she can run around and play, and exercise without having to breathe heavy, or have any issues with her collapsing trachea! I also noticed her eyes stopped watering, and the stains went away! Both of our Poms coats are shiny and they always have perfect vet visits! My parents adopted a Pomeranian and they feed her Primal too, and she loves it. I read another testimonial on here about feeding Primal to a ferret, and that is completely true! My parents' ferret was losing all of his fur and wouldn't eat, was very sickly, and wouldn't even try to go for his treats. They took him to numerous vets and tried so many different medicines, etc. They finally just thought it was "time" until one day they decided to start feeding the Primal to the ferret, and we all couldn't believe how all of the fur grew back, the ferret suddenly had tons of energy, and would play (even at his age!)! It was just so unbelievable, but amazing!

Posted by Rachel Graper of Pittsburgh, PA

My little dog is so full of energy now, and no more skin allergies. Since two days after starting my Shih Tzu on Primal, the itching just stopped. It was a hard decision for me to switch from dry dog food (and I tried them all) to a raw food diet, but I am so thankful I did. His coat is shiny and his eyes are bright. He is so happy and contented now. We'll wait and see what the Summer brings (flea season), but I am very hopeful.

Posted by Jane of Mays Landing, NJ

Our cat, Berkeley, was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 5 years old. Our vet had requested a diet consisting of only canned food for diabetes, but he would not progress without the insulin. Dreading a lifetime of needles and frequent vet visits, we started researching different diet options, which revealed a great deal of literature on the issues surrounding processed foods and how they affect obligate carnivores like cats. We added Primal raw food to his diet and within 3 days he no longer needed the insulin! Regular blood testing has revealed that his blood sugar levels have remained entirely normal for over 5 years -- and absolutely no insulin!

Posted by April of Washington, DC

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