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Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Primal Pet Foods. Are you a fan of Primal Pet Foods? Do you have a Primal success story? Just fill out our online testimonial form and tell us your story. We'd love to hear all about it.

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I inherited my feline male Tabby well into his adulthood. This was 9 years ago, so my best guess is that he is 12-15 years old. He had eaten kibble his entire life, and a few years into our companionship was diagnosed with pancreatitis. The vet put him on prednisone permanently, and as a result, he developed diabetes. We took him off prednisone and started him on canned food and insulin. His blood sugar quickly normalized and he got off the insulin. Shortly thereafter, he developed recurring infections in his head/nose. He was sneezing blood, but testing negative for anything the vet threw at him. The vet was unable diagnose him and the antibiotics she gave me stopped helping. This roller coaster lasted a full year.

After taking him to a specialist, there was still NO DIAGNOSIS. $2,000 later all I got was a special, compounded drug from a special pharmacy in NJ. The meds worked. But I also did some research on diet.

After trying several less expensive raw diets that he would eventually refuse, I found Primal. The first time he had it you'd swear he hadn't eaten in a week. Inhaled his food is putting it mildly.

After a full year on Primal he has not had any health issues and he acts like a cat 1/2 his age. His coat is gorgeous and shiny, his eyes are much clearer, and he plays! He plays as much as he did as when I first got him. He still jumps up and down off of tables and beds... He looks wonderful and I am so happy to have found Primal, and to have learned how a proper diet can improve a pet's quality of life.

Despite the warnings and disapproval of the vets I've visited regarding a raw diet, I will ALWAYS feed my pets Primal. Always! The difference is night and day.

Thank you, Primal, for giving me more years with my crazy kitty.

Posted by KLS of North Hollywood, CA

I would like to introduce you all to VIKTOR. He is a 6 month old west german show line shepherd, black/red. Viktor is my fourth GSD, however, he is my first raw fed pet, and he is FLOURISHING. Before adopting Viktor, I did a lot of research regarding raw, including the shiny coat, the magnificent teeth, the health benefits and the ease of purchasing a fully supplemented raw diet. Viktor is just over 74lbs, he has a wonderful coat, great bone structure, clear eyes, is energetic, and an all around HAPPY BOY. I could not be happier. Despite the concerns of my own veterinarian of over 15 years, I am going to continue Viktor with his raw fed meals and look forward to a HAPPY, HEALTHY, LONG LIFE TOGETHER. Just look! His picture confirms all my findings.

Posted by Jody Huber of Pittsburgh, PA

Hi! Me and my cat Rufus love your products! Ever since I switched him to a raw diet his health has drastically improved. Before raw he was always hungry, meowing for food constantly even banging his head on the kibble container to try and knock some out. He was overweight despite my diligent efforts to control portions and calories, and he was only three years old! He was constantly getting eye infections, had greasy hair (I had to bathe him monthly), would get hairballs, and was just all around kinda lethargic. The breaking point was when I found out Rufus had bladder crystals.

Knowing my baby was in pain and suffering from so many other ailments at such a young age just didnt make sense to me. Looking at the ingredients in the dry kibble from the vet, I knew in my heart that those things couldn't be good for him. So I took matters into my own hands and did some research. Turns out the prescription Rx food the vet had him on, although it cleared up his crystals, was hurting the rest of his body and making him EVEN MORE HUNGRY!

With the guidance from a new holistic vet and the AMAZING folks at Holistic Hound pet shop in Berkeley, CA I switched Rufus over to 100% raw, and hes a totally different cat! He's healthy, happy, and doesnt have to put up with me bathing him, or putting ointment in his eyes! He's lost all the weight he needed to, his hunger is totally satisfied, and he runs a muck playing and jumping and exploring like a healthy little cat does. So THANKS A MILLION!! Youve really changed our lives!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Becky & Rufus

Posted by Becky & Rufus of Berkeley, CA

I absolutely LOVE your product, and products!!! A new dog and cat food store opened in my area selling your product - I immediately switched my puppy Shar Pei to your freeze dried formulas. WOW, what a difference in this dog in just a couple of months! His coat shines, he has tons of energy, and he looks magnificent. I am planning to show him in conformation classes - Westminster Dog Show here we come. (and BIG thanks to your company for producing such a magnificent high quality product). It's refreshing- DON'T CHANGE A THING. Keep up the great work, and can't wait to try all your other products as well. BIG FAN!!!! XOXOXOX

Posted by Lisa Tarini of Sudbury, ON Canada, MI

Dear Primal People,

I have two different success stories involving my three cats.

Buster's story
My beautiful Tuxedo Maine Coon, born in 1996.

A couple years ago, my dear old cat, Buster, who was 17 at the time, was just not well. He had lost some teeth, eating was difficult, his stools had always been smelly but were now softer, and then he began to throw up after eating. He lost a lot of weight.

Well, I have owned Buster since the minute he was born, and I was beside myself thinking he was going to die at any minute. Then, by mere accident, an employee were I was working suggested Primal. I looked it up online and went to purchase the little sample pack. He was able to eat it, but wasn't really thrilled. However, I was able to successfully make the change. He was able to eat the food, and within 3 days his poop no longer woke the dead. Since he had lost some teeth, I did add extra water so that he could use his tongue to scoop it up more easily. Now, there are times when he is finicky still, but we do work-arounds. I add in other wet food to entice him, or baby food as needed. He will turn 19 in 8 weeks and people still fawn over him. When I tell them his age, they are all amazed that he looks so good.

We are still able to take the car rides he likes and he takes advantage of the long sunny afternoons for his neded cat naps.

Harrison and Jasper's story
Two Rescue Vans

In December 2013, I was offered the chance to rescue two Turkish Vans. These guys, along with others, traveled from the east coast to California by car. It took over two weeks. They were a wreck from all the travel and containment. When I got them home, they were scared, and their stomachs showed it.

I do not know what kind of food they were on at their first home. And, along the way, they were fed whatever food each of the subsequent rescue homes had. So, I started with a good brand name dry food. Well, I used to think that Buster had bad bowel management, but I was wrong. These guys were so bad that I not only had to change the litter twice a day, but wore a super mask in order to do it. My house - which had never smelled like I owned a cat - smelled horrible. Their poor bodies were just awful.

These are young cats, about 1 - 1 1/2 years old, they had so much energy and were so hungry - all the time. I decided to try another dry food that was gluten free and I still had the same issue. As a matter of fact, the sensitive diet type was barely even ok, and when I tried a bag of the regular gluten free - well, it was a total disaster. I mean to say that even though I purchased a very large covered cat box, these guys were digging to China to cover the smell, and then one day (my sister was watching them for a couple days) I came home to have to clean the walls, the inside of the cat box, and the walls in the hallway outside the bathroom. ( What???) So, I knew that, eventually, I was going to have to switch them to Primal. Luckily, I knew that Jasper could change in the blink of an eye - since he often snuck in and finished up Buster's food when Buster was too slow to eat. Harrison, on the other hand - was going to be the big problem. Then, it happened. The poop was soup. And one of them threw up his food.


I went and purchased another bag of food for them, and changed them over that night. I know you are supposed to change their food slowly, but this was desparation. Jasper made the change like he owned it. Harrison, however, looked at me like 'What did I do wrong? You put down some strange stuff and I don't know the smell- the touch- the taste. Mom...' But I knew that this was going to be the fight of his life if he did not try it. So, I held out. It did not take long after that - he first ate it when I was not looking.

Within ONE DAY - just one day, they stopped having the smelly stools. Within three days, their stools were totally normal. They stopped slurping water like they were in the desert. And, the larger of the two- who had a bloated belly- lost the bloaty look.

They still have tons of energy. They still romp like they own the world. Harrison can't resist the string and feather toys. Jasper is the soccer player mascot who plays with his jingly balls 20 hours a day! I cannot tell you how much I praise this product to people. My cats are all on the road to full recovery and I am sure they will live to have full lives.

Now, what can you do for me about Jasper the secret swiper?

Betti Clark, Sacramento

Posted by Betti Clark of Sacramento, CA

I tried every kind of dog food including the super picky eater food. Mickey wouldn't touch it. Then I found a food he would reluctantly eat. He would look at me like, "I'll eat it, but I really don't like it."

I was buying a case of the canned food when I saw a woman go to the freezer in the pet store. I asked her what it was and she said Primal. I bought the starter pack and my dog ate it like it was the best thing he ever had. I have no problem at meal times at all now. He loves it! And even my friends are switching to Primal (with excellent results).

Mick is satisfied, his coat is beautiful and soft. But the best thing is: he loves it, so we don't waste food, and the price works out to be cost-effective. Oh, and did I say He Loves It? So do I.

Thank you!

Terry and Mickey ( My M&M )

Posted by Terry of Ventura, CA

We firmly believe that Primal Pet Foods saved our dog's life.

We adopted Obi, a 3-month old Smooth Collie mix from our local shelter, and aside from "protesting" eating every high quality brand of kibble we could find, he's been the most loving, comical, sweet, and overall perfect addition to our family.

To make a long (medical) story short, Obi refused to eat his kibble, we think, because it didn't make him feel good, and every time he did eat, diarrhea followed. He had undetected Giardia for two months while he was a little over a year, and once the vet finally caught it, his GI tract was in bad shape, and he'd lost 15% of his body weight.

He was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease, and the vet suggested a permanent diet of prescription wet and dry food. My husband put his foot down and said he'd had enough of processed food making our poor dog sick, and wanted to try something completely different -- against our vet's advice.

We bought our first bag of Primal in June, 2013, and for the first time since we brought Obi home, he INHALED his food every single time we gave him his Primal meal. And aside from his energy, happiness, playfulness, and spirit returning, another miracle occurred: he began having NORMAL bowels for the first time in his life.

Obi is now a little over two years old, and healthy as can be. Everything about him is vibrant, from his coat to his spirit. We are in awe of the gift that Primal has given Obi and our family. (It's a terrible thing to watch your darling pet suffer, with no idea how to provide comfort or normalcy; now, those days are long gone.)

I run my own dog-running and dog-hiking business in Marin County, Paws & Go, and Obi is by my side everyday playing with his doggie friends and thriving in the prime of his life. We are genuinely grateful for the product you share with people like us around the country. We are your #1 fans and love your company and products so very much! You changed Obi's life, and in turn, ours, too, and we can never properly thank you for that.

Love and Licks,

Sarah, Adam, and Obi (woof woof!)

Posted by Sarah of Fairfax, CA

Puma, my 5.5 year old GSD, had a lump on her torso that was slowly growing and then multiplied over the last 3 years. Since switching to Primal, the lumps have all but disappeared going from quarter size to smaller than a pea. Overall, her coat looks and feels healthier, her teeth are plaque-free, and she has more energy than ever; especially when it comes to mealtime!

Posted by Puma of Woodside, CA

Our chihuahua Pooka, was very sick when we got her. She had giardia and a lot of other yucky intestinal distress going on. Our other two dogs are fed raw and I knew I ultimately wanted to get her on Primal as soon as possible. Her digestive track was a mess and she couldn't tolerate anything other than a chicken and brown rice based dog food. For the first few months it was a huge hassle to get her to eat. We had to fight her on it, hand-feed, and most of the time she went all day without eating. However, she always wanted to lick the other dogs bowls and seemed to want what they had!

After a few months of stability, I started adding a bit of the raw chicken into her usual food. As long as raw was there, she ate without complaint. It's now been a couple weeks now, and we haven't had to fight with her at all. She loves it! She's had the chicken, turkey, and now the pheasant. Gobbles it up! Her energy is great, coat soft and smooth, teeth perfect, and little poops. Thanks, Primal!

Posted by Maren of Phoenix, AZ

We looked for a food that will satisfy Louis's picky palate and sensitive GI system for six years. We tried so many different brands--including prescription diets-- of kibble, canned, and raw food, but most things either gave him digestion issues or just didn't interest him. A few times we found a food that Louis liked that didn't make him sick, but it seemed like he became bored of the flavor quickly.

We tried Primal's Freeze-dried food because we'd bought it for a camping trip, and found, to our surprise, that Louis loved it. He also doesn't get sick from most of the flavors we've tried. For the first time since we adopted Louis, he is eating every meal and keeping healthy. In fact, he practically dances when we prepare it, and his overall energy level has increased.

Thank you for your wonderful product! We had almost given up hope.

Posted by Leo Morales-Egizi of Chicago, IL
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