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Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Primal Pet Foods. Are you a fan of Primal Pet Foods? Do you have a Primal success story? Just fill out our online testimonial form and tell us your story. We'd love to hear all about it.

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When we first adopted Link from a cat rescue group at 6 months old, he was on a steady diet of name brand dry food. He was also throwing up several times a week and having irregular, smelly bowel movements. After several doses of antibiotics, it became clear that the problem was something other than internal parasites. The vet suggested a diet change to rule out food allergies. I did some research, and was horrified to discover how unhealthy the food I'd been feeding him was. No wonder he was sick all the time, what he'd been eating was far from being species appropriate! I decided then and there to switch him to a healthier food. I tried several brands of high end limited ingredient wet food, but he turned his nose up at all of them. I tried several brands of raw food with the same result. He sat there next to his bowl full of raw bits, refusing to touch a bite as he cried for his unhealthy kibble. He was a dry food addict. I thought I'd have to go back to feeding him dry just so he wouldn't starve, but then I received a free sample of Primal freeze dried beef and salmon. I cut it up and re-hydrated it, then doubtfully set down the bowl. He scarfed it down immediately and meowed for a second helping. The vomiting and diarrhea cleared up immediately, and I would have been thrilled with just that. But it got even better: Link used to routinely get eye infections, but since starting Primal he hasn't gotten a single one. His stools don't smell at all now and there are a lot less of them, and he doesn't have awful kitty breath like he used to. He used to shed like crazy! I'd only have to hold him for a few seconds to get covered in a layer of hair. But since starting Primal, he hardly sheds at all, and his fur is shiny and silky soft to the touch. He feels like a baby bunny. Thank you for making my fur son so much healthier!

Posted by Elis Fisk of Ann Arbor, MI

I help a relative take care of her aging Boxer, Bubba. While he's not a picky eater, his stomach is somewhat sensitive and some foods cause problems, save for anything made with chicken. We are wary of chicken based products, however, as there are quite a few of them which are manufactured in China, and we're not comfortable giving him anything that was made there.

Bubba has not had an interest in raw foods before (he doesn't like Nature's Variety raw or others) and we weren't too sure about this one, but we figured it wouldn't hurt to try it. We took one out of the bag, re-hydrated the cube, and put into his bowl with some kibble. He scarfed it down! More importantly, he had no problems after eating it and his stools were better!

We have now made Primal a part of his diet. He loves the taste and the flavor variety, and we love that it's wholesome and made in the USA - no food safety concerns! It's a fantastic product and we recommend it to everyone.

Posted by Deb of Wayne, PA

I have two very very picky kittens! They like canned and dry foods, and it's hard to figure out the best food without constantly throwing it out; not to mention, costly as well. I received a sample of the Primal Beef/Salmon nuggets freeze dried and decided what the heck try it out. Omg! They went crazy for it!! They don't care for the water added, just broken up bricks. It's kitty crack! I'm going to try another flavor next.

Thank you!!

Posted by Kim of The Woodlands, TX

My dog was discharging way too much poop for a one year old 14 pound Coton, even with a 5-star expensive kibble formula. The Primal Turkey and Sardine formula reduced that problem by 90%. But the best part, my dog eats it like a kid with candy - loves it!

Posted by Al of Mobile, AL

My 2-year-old Ryder is a rescue who came into my home in mid-March (about 3 months ago). When I got him, he was heartworm positive, and in mid-April we began the adulticide treatment to kill the heartworms. Around the same time, he also began blowing his coat. Ryder's a Siberian Husky, and blowing the undercoat is normal at this time of the year, but I had NEVER seen this degree of shedding in any of the other 7 Siberian Huskies my family has had through the decades. He wasn't just losing his undercoat; he was shedding massive amounts of guard-hairs. Very unusual for this breed. In addition to the hair-fall, he was experiencing rapid fill-up of his anal glands, likely due (at least in some small part) to the fact that his poops were frequently soft. I had him on a high-quality kibble, but I noticed that Ryder inhaled his food, rarely spending the time to chew. After speaking with my vet and the proprietor at the local pet-supplies store I frequent, I gave Primal freeze-dried raw a chance, supplementing with extra salmon oil.

Over the course of the last month, his shedding has GREATLY diminished. He still sheds, but it's not excessive, and the shedding is mostly his undercoat and no longer his guard hairs. His poops have also firmed up (and decreased in size), and he hasn't been paying much attention to his rear, which makes me think the anal gland issue is resolved (or resolving) as well. He LOVES his Primal raw, to which I randomly add raw fruits and veg as the spirit moves me. Thanks for such a quality product!

Posted by Nifty and Ryder Bergin of Charlotte, NC

When my mini pincher was 8, he began to show signs of illness. He was walking slower and began to fall frequently. The vet put him on prednisone. This went on for a bit over a year with no improvement.

In April, my dog was barely able to walk, and I was within days of putting him down. A friend suggested a raw diet. I had fed him Merrick since he was a puppy. Within days of feeding him Primal I noticed an improvement in his mobility, and now he is practically running around like a puppy again. He no longer takes medication. I am very thankful.

Posted by Vincent of New York, NY

My cat of ten years broke a fang and I had to get a blood panel done before they could do surgery. The vet called me immediately after the results and said my cat might have cancer or some other kind of liver problem. ALL of her levels were high and the one that concerned her the most was her ALT, which is supposed to be 158 or lower, and my cats was at 4,800! The highest she had ever seen. My cat did not act sick, but we believed we were going to lose her. My sister told me to get her on raw, because it is very good for the liver.

Although the vet said food had nothing to do with it, I decided to go raw with Primal. Her second blood work was better, but still 8 times too high. The vet was surprised to see it go down in only a week. She wanted to check it again in 2 weeks. Not only did ALL of the levels go to normal, but her ALT went down to 54. Thanks for offering a solution to fatty liver disease. Your raw Formula saved my cat Cloud!

Posted by Denise of Chesterfield, MI

I inherited my feline male Tabby well into his adulthood. This was 9 years ago, so my best guess is that he is 12-15 years old. He had eaten kibble his entire life, and a few years into our companionship was diagnosed with pancreatitis. The vet put him on prednisone permanently, and as a result, he developed diabetes. We took him off prednisone and started him on canned food and insulin. His blood sugar quickly normalized and he got off the insulin. Shortly thereafter, he developed recurring infections in his head/nose. He was sneezing blood, but testing negative for anything the vet threw at him. The vet was unable diagnose him and the antibiotics she gave me stopped helping. This roller coaster lasted a full year.

After taking him to a specialist, there was still NO DIAGNOSIS. $2,000 later, all I got was a special compounded drug from a special pharmacy in NJ. The meds worked, but I also did some research on diet.

After trying several less expensive raw diets that he would eventually refuse, I found Primal. The first time he had it you'd swear he hadn't eaten in a week. Inhaled his food is putting it mildly.

After a full year on Primal he has not had any health issues and he acts like a cat 1/2 his age. His coat is gorgeous and shiny, his eyes are much clearer, and he plays! He plays as much as he did as when I first got him. He still jumps up and down off of tables and beds... He looks wonderful and I am so happy to have found Primal, and to have learned how a proper diet can improve a pet's quality of life.

Despite the warnings and disapproval of the vets I've visited regarding a raw diet, I will ALWAYS feed my pets Primal. Always! The difference is night and day.

Thank you, Primal, for giving me more years with my crazy kitty.

Posted by KLS of North Hollywood, CA

I would like to introduce you all to VIKTOR. He is a 6 month old west german show line shepherd, black/red. Viktor is my fourth GSD, however, he is my first raw fed pet, and he is FLOURISHING. Before adopting Viktor, I did a lot of research regarding raw, including the shiny coat, the magnificent teeth, the health benefits and the ease of purchasing a fully supplemented raw diet. Viktor is just over 74lbs, he has a wonderful coat, great bone structure, clear eyes, is energetic, and an all around HAPPY BOY. I could not be happier. Despite the concerns of my own veterinarian of over 15 years, I am going to continue Viktor with his raw fed meals and look forward to a HAPPY, HEALTHY, LONG LIFE TOGETHER. Just look! His picture confirms all my findings.

Posted by Jody Huber of Pittsburgh, PA

Hi! Me and my cat Rufus love your products! Ever since I switched him to a raw diet his health has drastically improved. Before raw he was always hungry, meowing for food constantly even banging his head on the kibble container to try and knock some out. He was overweight despite my diligent efforts to control portions and calories, and he was only three years old! He was constantly getting eye infections, had greasy hair (I had to bathe him monthly), would get hairballs, and was just all around kinda lethargic. The breaking point was when I found out Rufus had bladder crystals.

Knowing my baby was in pain and suffering from so many other ailments at such a young age just didnt make sense to me. Looking at the ingredients in the dry kibble from the vet, I knew in my heart that those things couldn't be good for him. So I took matters into my own hands and did some research. Turns out the prescription Rx food the vet had him on, although it cleared up his crystals, was hurting the rest of his body and making him EVEN MORE HUNGRY!

With the guidance from a new holistic vet and the AMAZING folks at Holistic Hound pet shop in Berkeley, CA I switched Rufus over to 100% raw, and hes a totally different cat! He's healthy, happy, and doesnt have to put up with me bathing him, or putting ointment in his eyes! He's lost all the weight he needed to, his hunger is totally satisfied, and he runs a muck playing and jumping and exploring like a healthy little cat does. So THANKS A MILLION!! Youve really changed our lives!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Becky & Rufus

Posted by Becky & Rufus of Berkeley, CA
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