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Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Primal Pet Foods. Are you a fan of Primal Pet Foods? Do you have a Primal success story? Just fill out our online testimonial form and tell us your story. We'd love to hear all about it.

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I have been in correspondence with Ms Angeline King (Marketing/Customer Service) for some time now about the quality and source of Primal Pet Foods Freeze Dried food. Strangely enough, I can't quite recall how I stumbled onto Primal, but all I know is, it was God-sent.
I wish to send across my appreciation for what Matt Koss, Angeline, and everyone at Primal Pet Foods is doing to keep our pets all over the world healthy and living to a ripe old age.

A friend's cat had to be put down two weeks ago (and he was only 7) due to liver cancer and failure. I believe this is due to him being fed on kibble almost exclusively for most of his life (that was how his previous owner raised him) until probably in the last year or two when my friend started to supplement that with wet canned food and then later on Primal Pet Foods Freeze Dried, although he was still very much attached to his dried food.

After much advice from Angeline, and reading and research, I firmly believe his ailment was caused by his diet. It is heartbreaking, but I am so so thankful that because of Angeline, I completely stopped feeding kibble to Twinkle around Christmas last year. I hope I pulled out in time.

Primal's advice and referrals really opened up my eyes, helped me gain greater knowledge, and inspired me towards responsible and effective pet parenting.

Please continue the good fight to keep disease and premature sickness and death away from our furkids. The aforementioned scenario is what you all are striving to avoid and I'm tremendously thankful I found Primal Pet Foods.


Posted by Jane of Singapore, SG

This is Pangur and his nearly identical "brother by a different mother," Finn. For about 2 years, Pangur was crazy itchy and itched himself raw in spots & he had constantly goopy eyes that were red and irritated.

The vet tried everything - prescription food, steroids, antibiotics, allergy shots - but nothing seemed to help. He just got fat (from the steroids) and sluggish and unhappy. We went through 2 years of this.

Finally, I said 'screw it' - I took him off everything, and started feeding him ONLY Primal Freeze Dried Turkey.

The spots started healing about a week or two later, and constantly improved for three months - the longest period of improvement since the original outbreak!

I can't thank Primal enough. He's happy, healthy, has lost all his "steroid weight," and has more energy than ever!

Posted by Mimi of Chicago, IL

Hello, I wanted to tell you about my experience with your products.
I am a savannah breeder and I recently had a brush with death with one of my beloved babies. I believe Primal raw saved his life.

Shortly after switching my 8 week old kitten on to regular, canned, high-quality, processed food, he started having seizures. At first, we thought it might be a reaction to a vaccine, so we took him to the emergency room, and they could not give us an answer. He was seizing daily for almost 2 weeks.

We switched his food and it got worse, which made me question if it was diet. Immediately, I ran to the store and bought Primal raw on the off chance he was allergic or reacting to something in processed foods found in pet stores.

I don't know much about raw, but I'm grateful for a company that does. After starting my sweet baby on raw, his seizures STOPPED!!!! This truly makes me feel that your product saved his life. Thank you so much !!!

- Melissa Rodriguez
Owner of African Image Savannah Cats

Posted by Melissa Rodriguez of Anaheim, CA

Two of our dogs had allergies, as their skin was pink and itchy. I started feeding them Primal about 3 weeks ago and their skin issues are gone. This sweet girl here, Athena, also has a sensitive stomach and couldn't sleep well at night before we switched. She kept waking up and it sounded as though her food was coming back up, but since she's been on Primal, we all sleep so much better (now if they could only give us more room at night, that would be awesome!). :)

Posted by Christy Middleton of Colorado Springs, CO

We've been constantly trying to find the best food for our dog Petal, whom we would like to have the longest and best life possible. We went through a series of dog foods (learning as we went). First was Natural Balance, then Halo, then a mixture of lunch meat and Halo. She liked all of them, at first, but over time she grew to dislike and eventually not want to eat each of them.
Also, she eventually got a condition where she would vomit at various times of the day. Not vomiting up food, but some weird stomach acid looking stuff. Our vet eventually diagnosed her with hyper-modal syndrome, where a dog's digestive system produces too much bile in between feeding and it makes them nauseous and throw up. So, we had her on some medication for that.

Now we had a dog who didn't like her food and whom we had to give medication. We were looking for something that would help and that she would like. We stumbled upon Primal at a specialty pet health food store. When we first tried it, Petal instantly gobbled up the food. So we tried another bag, and then other types (we typically give her a combo of Chicken, Turkey & Sardine, Lamb or Beef). She stopped vomiting. We took her off the medication and she was fine. No more vomiting. And she seemed to really relish eating.

Over time, we noticed that her fur is actually softer. And the best thing of all, she loves her food! She gobbles it up in about 30 seconds. Then swings by later to lick the bowl, and see if there's any left. We've been feeding her Primal for about a year now and she still loves it as much as the first day. And no more stomach or digestive issues.

Oh, and one more thing -- (as Primal notes on their site) -- there is less poop! At first we were a little concerned that she was going roughly half as much as normal (only once a day as opposed to two-a-days, previously). But she seems so healthy and happy and Primal's explanation about the food being more rich in actual nutrients and less diluted with filler, thus, less waste going through the dog's system, seems to make a lot of sense. (And we've seen it to be true.) Not that wanting to pick up less dog poop is a reason to buy a certain dog food, but it is a nice benefit.

Petal is going to be 7 this April (we think.. she's a rescue dog that we found on the street) and she acts like a puppy still. She has tons of energy, is happy, and best of all, she enjoys eating her Primal food. Thanks Primal!! You really saved the day for us.

Posted by Susan Little of Los Angeles, CA

I don't know if anyone has ever written to you before about a pet hedgehog, but here goes...

My hedgie Squee Bean is a very picky eater and very tiny: she weighs less than a pound and fits comfortably in the palm of one hand (when she balls up, which is often). I have fed her different varieties of cat food (recommended food for hedgies) and none of them were a real hit...she would eat them, but not with much enthusiasm...

I tried Primal Freeze Dried Cat Food entirely as an experiment; we picked up a Starter Pak at Dave's Pet Food store near us in Agawam, MA. She turned her nose up at the frozen raw food; wouldn't even touch it. Perhaps it was just too different from what she was used to...she doesn't do well with change...

Then I tried a small piece of the freeze dried cat food...I think it was turkey...she tore into it with gusto! I was impressed; and decided to switch her over to Primal Freeze Dried Turkey Formula for Cats; she still gets a tiny amount of the regular crunchy food in her dish, as hedgie tummies don't do well with sudden changes, but I plan to phase out the crunchy food eventually and feed strictly Primal Freeze-Dried. I'm not sure if she will like the other flavors of Primal Freeze Dried as well as the turkey, but I can always get small packages to let her try them.

One thing with Squee, she does NOT like the freeze dried formula re-moisturized. Turns her nose up. And because she is so tiny, I give her about 1/3 of a cube a day...which vanishes as soon as her sensitive nose detects it...

She has more energy, is less grumpy, and sleeps much less than she used time goes on, I will be interested to see how she does. Thank you, thank you for this wonderful food!

Posted by Deb Ostaff of Russell, MA

I have always had cats in my life ever since I can remember. I am now 22 and living on my own. I have a rescue kitty, Gypsy, and she is my baby.

My parents always fed our cats friskies dry and canned foods, and we never knew anything was wrong with that. But when our oldest cats were only reaching about 12, I realized something must be wrong.

When I got my cat, I did months of research trying to find the healthiest food for her. I asked traditional and holistic vets, as well as read articles from the Feline Nutrition Society. I immediately realized that kibble was causing the early demise of my childhood pets, and I vowed to never feed it to my pets again.

Gypsy has been on Primal raw for about a month now, and I am already noticing changes. Her coat is softer and shinier. She sheds less. She poops only about once a day (as opposed to the three times that she was doing), and it doesn't smell nearly as bad. And, since her diet contains about 70% water, her urine is less concentrated, eliminating that strong amonia odor that could knock you out.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the results. She loves her new food, and I know she is eating healthy. And as a plus, I am supporting local small businesses, instead of huge big box companies.

Posted by Amanda of Tampa, FL

I met my wife 2.5 years ago. Along with this wonderful woman, I brought into my life Rex and Alex, 2 stunning Maltese dogs (litter mates). Little "alex" was diagnosed with cushings, and as an outsider, I now had a task to learn about my wife and my new dogs. In learning about cushings, I learned a lot from my wife and Alex. We never could get his attitude in line because of the Cushings...until the day we switched Alex over to Primal.

Within days, Alex became the happy-go-lucky-type dog. His ability to stand up and howl at the moon was back in his life as an everyday event. Thank you Primal for putting this dog back into his happy life, as I know if he's happy, my wife is happy, which means...

I'm happy!

Thank you!

Posted by Michael Moore of Katy, TX

Our 8 year old Westie, Charlie, was diagnosed with cancer and wouldn't eat his normal kibble. A friend recommended raw food (our vet was not happy) and Charlie loved it! He never left a morsel in his bowl. This was important since he needed to keep up his strength. Originally he was given maybe 6 months to live, but ended up with us for almost 4 years! Our vet used to call him the wonder dog (they still don't like raw food though).

I have to believe Primal was part of the reason Charlie lived so much longer. Our 4 year old Golden Doodle has been on Primal Formula since 3 months old. And our latest puppy, an Australian Labradoodle will be starting Primal soon.

Thanks so much!

Posted by Ron Wold of Seattle, WA

Having gone to a plant based diet for nutritional reasons myself, I started getting interested in my cats' diet for the same reason. During this time, I had a cat diagnosed with IBD (which pretty much has to do with diet) who was dripping occasional drops of blood on to the floor, rectally. I didn't get informed enough in time, and though he received great veterinary care, he died at age 2-1/2.

During his last weeks of life, another cat in my household developed the same thing, with the same blood problem. I was worried I was going to lose her too, but by that time, I'd decided to see if the cats would eat Primal. So I took her off all medicine and gave her only Primal, and fortunately, she just loved it! I cannot remember a day since starting Primal (4 months ago) that a single drop of blood has showed up. Incredibly, her muscles have filled in, her coat is much softer and shiny, and she's just full of energy. I am absolutely certain that Primal has helped her greatly. I am not a veterinarian and am not suggesting that one abandon veterinary help or advice. I just wanted to share this information in case someone has a pet that is not getting better with medication. Incidentally, all my cats love Primal and are all doing well on it.

Posted by C. Johnson of Annandale, VA
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