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Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Primal Pet Foods. Are you a fan of Primal Pet Foods? Do you have a Primal success story? Just fill out our online testimonial form and tell us your story. We'd love to hear all about it.

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I have been in correspondence with Ms Angeline King (Marketing/Customer Service) for some time now about the quality and source of Primal Pet Foods Freeze Dried food. Strangely enough, I can't quite recall how I stumbled onto Primal, but all I know is, it was God-sent.
I wish to send across my appreciation for what Matt Koss, Angeline, and everyone at Primal Pet Foods is doing to keep our pets all over the world healthy and living to a ripe old age.

A friend's cat had to be put down two weeks ago (and he was only 7) due to liver cancer and failure. I believe this is due to him being fed on kibble almost exclusively for most of his life (that was how his previous owner raised him) until probably in the last year or two when my friend started to supplement that with wet canned food and then later on Primal Pet Foods Freeze Dried, although he was still very much attached to his dried food.

After much advice from Angeline, and reading and research, I firmly believe his ailment was caused by his diet. It is heartbreaking, but I am so so thankful that because of Angeline, I completely stopped feeding kibble to Twinkle around Christmas last year. I hope I pulled out in time.

Primal's advice and referrals really opened up my eyes, helped me gain greater knowledge, and inspired me towards responsible and effective pet parenting.

Please continue the good fight to keep disease and premature sickness and death away from our furkids. The aforementioned scenario is what you all are striving to avoid and I'm tremendously thankful I found Primal Pet Foods.


Posted by Jane of Singapore, SG

I have a female ShihTzu, Missy Ann. Missy was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and a slight murmur. The vet prescribed Vetmedin twice a day. This heart medicine is suppose to be flavored & chewable. NOT! We have tried "everything" edible to get her to take this nasty pill! We were lucky to get her to take one of them a day...let alone two!

Thank God we found Primal Freeze-Dried food! She eats every bite and licks the plate! Thank you for an awesome food for my sweet girl!


Loretta Turner & Missy Ann

Click Here for Missy Ann's Facebook Page!

Posted by Loretta Turner of Morristown, TN

I have known about the benefits of raw for awhile however my last and current cat did not care for the brand of raw food (NV) offered at my local pet stores nor did they like the freeze dried raw S&C. Those were pretty much the only choices I had.

I discovered Primal at a store in Gardena CA-kinda far from my house. I bought a starter pack thinking no way would my cat eat it. Well she ate it and loved it. She liked all 4 flavors in the starter pack!

I purchased a Turkey 3 lb bag after the starter and the love affair continued. I usually had to entice and or force my cats to eat their raw with treats on top, warming, or hand feeding. It was like pulling teeth and it was expensive as most ended up in the trash.

With Primal my cat eats it so fast I do not have to worry about it going bad in the dish. I am glad she likes her food, and I am shocked to discover that Primal Raw is cheaper than the premium cans I was buying.

I plan on screaming this fact from the rooftops. My only wish is that you get your food into more Southern California stores. You belong in Centinela and Pet Co!

Posted by Kimberly S. of San Pedro, CA

It has taken me roughly 10 days, give or take, and I have successfully transitioned my Maine Coon kitty off the garbage using both types of Primal!! She was diagnosed with IBS and the vet had her on a hydrolized protein food, which worked okay for a small time, but eventually my cat went back to making a mess with her diarrhea and vomiting.

Since using Primal, her stool is nice and hard and the only vomiting was of the normal hair balls. There was a learning curve with the raw. Kitty was puking it up in the morning as I rushed the warming of the food. Since I have given the food more time in water to warm, however, no problems at all. I use the Freeze-Dried in the AM, since it is quicker.

This stuff is simply amazing!!! Amber the Maine Coon and I both thank you, Primal!!!

Give the raw a try, but make sure you take the chill off of it to prevent vomiting. Amber the Maine Coon kitty has more energy than I have ever seen in her 7 years of life.

Posted by Michael Prince of Abita Springs, LA

My dog Sophie has been eating Primal for about six years now. We adopted her at a year old and she has been on Primal since. Our other new rescue spitz / pom is also eating Primal as well. We had no transition problem with him at all. Sophie, despite her breed, has excellent teeth and has never needed anything pulled. When we adopted the other pom, however, he had to have 6 teeth pulled. I know that his new diet and lifestyle will at least help keep what teeth he has left in there.

Also, when we first adopted Sophie she had pancreatitis, which her breed is genetically prone to. However, we have not had any reoccurring issues with it and she is as healthy as can be. We are working on switching the cats over as well.

Posted by Michelle of Runnemede, NJ

My Buddy will be 3 in January, I adopted him when he was 9 1/2 weeks old. I am a bit obsessed with pet nutrition and keep learning more all the time. He has always been fed grain free healthy food, but is picky, sometimes not eating much for a day.

I recently tried a bag of the freeze dried raw duck, and wow, he went wild for it! I store the bag in the fridge and he knows it, watching for anyone going in there, then begging. When I get the bag out and rehydrate the food, he sits and begs, not taking his eyes off the bowl! I feed him the recommended amount and he cleans the bowel out in record time, and wants more. I have never seen him so enthusastic about dog food!

He had two seizures over summer with no cause found. So far, after being on this food, he has not had one. Fingers crossed it stays that way! I have tell my friends who have dogs that Buddy highly recommends this food!

Posted by Karen Stancil of Bloomingdale, IL

Ollie is now a two year old Portuguese Podengo Pequeño. He is a show dog. But more than that, he is my best friend. From the time I purchased him until a friend recommended Primal, Ollie picked at his food. My old Golden would hover over him waiting for a chance at any morsel - he even ate sometimes just so she wouldn't. He constantly battled intestinal problems. He was not healthy.

We spent tons of money on vets. Money and more money was spent trying to figure out why he wouldn't eat. We wasted bag after bag, can after can of food...

For a year and a half I begged and pleaded with him to eat and be well!

No more begging. He is a happy, healthy, gorgeous dog. I feed him the frozen Venison. He adores it! I just wish you would make a Freeze-Dried Venison as well because it would sure make traveling easier!

Posted by Debbie Kahla of Manchester, NH

I wish I had a "before" photo because even I can't believe the difference. My Maltese puppy, a 4.5 month old female, had fairly bad tearing and staining. I tried several things to help her - I've had Maltese before - and then talked to my dog trainers. The suggestion was to switch her to Primal raw food, as it will help "everything." Frankly, I was doubtful but willing - these guys have never steered me wrong. They gave me the Starter Pak - thank you, Primal, you are very wise to make that available!

First thing: Nica loves it. Not that she was a picky puppy about food, but she LOVES Primal.

Second thing: the evening of the first day I swear her eyes were dryer. The next morning I had the same impression, so I sent a text to my trainer - he said, "as soon as the allergens disappear, we see dogs improving." I trimmed (did not "shave") her stained facial hairs and washed her face to see if the staining would reappear.

Third thing: This is day 4. Nica's face is virtually free from tear stains, and the tearing itself is greatly reduced because her muzzle (where the wetness stands and staining occurs) is almost completely dry. Only the very corners are at all damp.

4 days!

The season hasn't changed, her environment is the same, and anyone who knows Maltese knows their hair grows very quickly - there's plenty enough there to collect moisture. She's a very happy little dog, anyway, but now - with part of her daily allotment of Primal used as training treats - she's more excited than ever about learning new things.

I'm impressed! I'm staying with Primal!

Posted by Liss of Sarasota, FL

When we first adopted Link from a cat rescue group at 6 months old, he was on a steady diet of name brand dry food. He was also throwing up several times a week and having irregular, smelly bowel movements. After several doses of antibiotics, it became clear that the problem was something other than internal parasites. The vet suggested a diet change to rule out food allergies.

I did some research, and was horrified to discover how unhealthy the food I'd been feeding him was! No wonder he was sick all the time! What he'd been eating was far from being species appropriate! I decided then and there to switch him to a healthier food. I tried several brands of high-end limited ingredient wet food, but he turned his nose up at all of them. I tried several brands of raw food with the same result. He sat there next to his bowl full of raw bits, refusing to touch a bite as he cried for his unhealthy kibble. He was a dry food addict.

I thought I'd have to go back to feeding him dry just so he wouldn't starve, but then I received a free sample of Primal freeze dried beef and salmon. I cut it up and re-hydrated it, then doubtfully set down the bowl. He scarfed it down immediately and meowed for a second helping.

The vomiting and diarrhea cleared up immediately, and I would have been thrilled with just that, but it got even better: Link used to routinely get eye infections, but since starting Primal, he hasn't gotten a single one! His stools don't smell at all now, and there are a lot less of them, and he doesn't have awful kitty breath like he used to. He also used to shed like crazy! I'd only have to hold him for a few seconds to get covered in a layer of hair. But since starting Primal, he hardly sheds at all, and his fur is shiny and silky-soft to the touch. He feels like a baby bunny. Thank you for making my fur son so much healthier!

Posted by Elis Fisk of Ann Arbor, MI

I help a relative take care of her aging Boxer, Bubba. While he's not a picky eater, his stomach is somewhat sensitive and some foods cause problems, save for anything made with chicken. We are wary of chicken based products, however, as there are quite a few of them which are manufactured in China, and we're not comfortable giving him anything that was made there.

Bubba has not had an interest in raw foods before (he doesn't like Nature's Variety raw or others) and we weren't too sure about this one, but we figured it wouldn't hurt to try it. We took one out of the bag, re-hydrated the cube, and put into his bowl with some kibble. He scarfed it down! More importantly, he had no problems after eating it and his stools were better!

We have now made Primal a part of his diet. He loves the taste and the flavor variety, and we love that it's wholesome and made in the USA - no food safety concerns! It's a fantastic product and we recommend it to everyone.

Posted by Deb of Wayne, PA
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